Plowpoint has worked directly with churches across the Connection providing ministry services designed to strengthen the vitality and effectiveness of churches and church leaders to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be Christ’s hands and feet for our broken and hurting world.
Plowpoint trains Church Transformation Teams to work with congregations in providing critical elements of Plowpoint’s Church Transformation services.
Clergy and laity are equipped through four intensive days of direct instruction to serve a particular region as unpaid servants (volunteers). To respond adequately to the needs of the churches within the region, Plowpoint trains the Church Transformation Team members in the following modules:
• Healthy Transitions: Coaching and Seminar for pastoral transitions.
• Ministry Transformation: Ministry Team/Staff Development.
• Longing to Belong: conflict transformation.
• Stepping in the Stream: strategic visioning.
• Finding Our Burning Bush: a survey of spiritual gifts for a congregation.
• Choosing the Faithful Path: discerning a church’s faithful future and direction.
• Conversation at the Crossroads: a grace-filled facilitated discussion for churches perhaps at
the end of their life of ministry.

The Church Transformation Teams are available for districts or conferences. Please contact Plowpoint for more information.